Friday, September 16, 2011

The Curmudgeon Cooks!

The Curmudgeon Cooks

Curmudgeon in Middle

Since I posted on Facebook yesterday that I was making meatloaf and mac ‘n cheese for supper, it has been suggested, actually by a female friend, that I begin a cooking blog. While it would be directed to both genders, it may have a special appeal to other househusbands.

As this is my second stint as a househusband in the past 7 ½ years, I think I can identify with other males who work as domestic engineers. You do your best to prepare a tasty and nutritious (or just tasty) meal, and it seems there is very little appreciation of your labors. You just want a little attention, maybe some conversation, and what you get is a spouse who plops down, turns on the TV, and ignores you the rest of the evening. You hope you will get an invitation to go out on Friday night – maybe just once a month for dinner and a movie – and what you get is the expectation that you cook just like any other night.

It’s not easy. But most of us go on, trying not to complain, putting on a cheerful face. We make the best of it, hoping we are accumulating stars in our crown and getting a classier mansion built. We just aren’t whiners. We do the best we can. For those, who know what we mean, regardless of gender, perhaps a recipe or two from one who feels your pain will help.

I have decided that for now The Christian Curmudgeon and The Curmudgeon Cooks will share the same blog space. But, we’ll see how it goes.


A glass or corning ware dish

A glob of ground beef (do not use that extra lean
     stuff which is dry and tastes like – well, nothing)
A beaten egg
Some breadcrumbs
Some chopped onion
Some chopped celery
A few shakes of Worcestershire sauce
A few squirts of ketchup
Squeeze it all together with bare hands till it looks
       real gloppy – this is the funnest part
Put mixture in dish and press it around to fit dish –
       this is the second funnest part

Put in oven till looks ok to eat

Offer ketchup as condiment (optional, especially if
you used it all up making the meatloaf)

Mac ‘n Cheese

Some macaroni (spaghetti may be substituted)
A glass or corning ware dish

Boil water, if you know how
Cook macaroni till when you stab some with a fork
 and bite it, it’s not crunchy

Then in dish put a layer of macaroni
Some globs of butter (or margarine)
Some grated cheese (preferably a lot, may grate
own or use packaged pre-grated – make
yourself happy about kind of cheese, but usually something from mild to sharp cheddar or get
creative and mix several kinds )

Repeat layers till (1) dish is filled up or (2) macaroni
is used up
Put lots of cheese on top

Put in oven

Usually meatloaf and mac ‘n cheese will be ready about the same time, but don’t hold me to that

Serve with a sweet spiritual smile and servant spirit.

Hope for a word of appreciation (but don’t count on it – remember the stars, mansion, etc.).

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Rod said...

You have a future on the Cooking Channel - the next Emeril.