Monday, April 2, 2012

The Best Blog I Never Wrote

The Warrior

In December of 1999 Calvin, a law clerk, came home with Kim, an occupational therapist. They had met at the PCA church in Harrisonburg, VA. An engagement followed soon and that summer, which is one the the happiest, if not the happiest, to memory, they were married. Two years ago, Kim, was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. She has had rounds of several chemotherapy drugs plus radiation. At times she has been very ill.  She is now participating in a clinical trial. She writes of this journey below. I have said to her, and a few others, that I have never seen anyone handle such diagnosis and life after it better. I am doubtful I have seen anyone do as well. Kim is resilient and courageous, seldom sentimental, never self-pitying. She embraces life, continuing to work full-time coordinating clinical work and teaching in her field, and most continuing to enjoy her life as wife to Calvin, mother to Josh and Jackson, and church member at Christ the King in Roanoke. I know that Kim has inherited from her parents, Inman and Jeneane, some "tough genes."  But, I cannot come close to fully explaining Kim without say this is God at work - his sufficient grace made perfect in human weakness. I see that in Calvin, too, who has shown remarkable strength I cannot otherwise explain. There is only one thing wrong with Kim. She is a Georgia Bulldog fan - big time. This has led to our one irreconcilable conflict. I am lifelong Florida Gator. Last spring I bought a big bag M&Ms, picked out all the orange and blue ones and sent them to her as an "encouragement." She is the more gracious one buying me Gator gear for presents. Anyway, keep on truckin', Kim, and, as you would say, "Love ya." By God's grace we will all meet at the destination sometime down the road.


Calvin, Kim, Josh , Jackson
Certainly I believe that God knew what He was doing when He put Calvin and I together! But I must say He was an excellent matchmaker when He considered one characteristic...traveling. Yep, when it comes to Road Trips Calvin and I are very alike. We are not about the journey, but we are in it for the destination. We aren't the type to lolly-gag, to make many long drawn-out stops, or to check things out along the way! No, we are all about getting there! We stop for gas, bathroom, and lunch all at the same time and it's back on the road! (Calvin wants to make sure you know that we don't actually eat IN the bathroom) Get me to the beach...or parents' houses or whatever.
Never did we anticipate THIS LONG ROAD TRIP though! As of today, we have been traveling this road for 2 LONG YEARS. One thing that God is working on with us, throughout this road trip, is to learn to enjoy the journey. Wherever it takes us. Our "anxious-to-get-there" selves are stopping to see the sights and finding ways to enjoy even the bumps in the road (and boy have there been bumps, pot holes, detours and dead ends these last 2 years)!
I am so thankful that God has continued to allow me such fullness of life despite the diagnosis and treatment. I try daily to not focus negatively on the prognosis - or to continue my theme, the destination. It can be overwhelming and often a struggle to do so at every bump, stop, or turn. But He is guiding me and is with me!
I have not said thank you enough to those of you that have provided help through meals, encouragement, prayer, loving on and entertaining Josh and Jackson, and many other ways. But please know you have made this journey more pleasant and have provided me the opportunity to use my strength in ways that let me focus on the joys of this journey. I thank you!!!
Continuing this long lasting road trip...

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