Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Rt. Rev. Rants Again (Surprise!)

 Rt. Rev. Rants (Again)

The Man and the Money. In my opinion (which I am sure is right) most traffic enforcement has more to do with government income than with public safety. Most traffic fines are in reality a form of taxation. This makes traffic police in effect revenue-officers. And, no, this rant is not motivated by having received a ticket. If memory serves, the last time I got a ticket was more than 20 years ago. This also may mean I will get one today.

God’s Land? I tend to favor the interests of the nation we know today as Israel. But I do so for reasons having nothing to do with the idea that the modern state of Israel is the successor of the ancient covenant nation. I do not believe that modern nation is God’s special nation, nor that the people living there now are God’s people, nor that they have any more claim to that parcel of land than do, say, the American Indian nations on the American national territory. The Israelis are not God’s people living in a land promised to them by God. That nation is no more holy (set apart to God) than any other. Whether it was wise to establish a homeland for Jews in that territory is a question of political prudence. That said, the de facto existence of the nation since 1947 seems to entitle that nation along with all nations to live secure among its neighbors. The church is Israel. The territory promised to the Israel of God is the whole earth. In other words, think about Israel and its interests in the same way you think about any nation in the world.

God’s People. With regard to the people of God today, to my observation and experience spanning 40 years, when members experience “lo-ruhamah” (no mercy) in the church, they may conclude “lo-ammi” (not my people). Good intentions, nor even tears, are the expression or proof of mercy. If God were like his people too often are, we would all be in a mess.

Curb Your Creativity. One of the areas where ministers should suppress their creativity is liturgy. As of this time in our history, if you use the English language, and you want to be “liturgical” you are not going write better prayers or weddings or funerals than the Book of Common Prayer. Your making something better is not much more likely to bring improvement than your trying to do better than the Nicene Creed.  For those who just cannot bring themselves to use an Anglican book, there is the “Presbyerianized” version found in the old Book of Common Worship. Believe me, I knew Thomas Cramner, Thomas Cramner was a friend of mine, and you’re no Thomas Cramner.

Reform. If you want to fix college football, here is one reform to try. Make the salary and benefits of a university president the salary cap for university employees. In other words, the head coach should not make any more than the head man.

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