Thursday, July 3, 2014

Let's Talk About Race

Black and White Together?

Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Bill (July 2, 1964). What Southerners feared and what was expected as the outcome was integration of the races. That has not happened. Initially many whites resisted integration as long as they could. One way of resistance in Mississippi was the abandonment of public schools and establishment of white private academies. Now it appears resistance to integration is found among blacks who, while using the rights established in the Civil Rights Bill, seem to desire as well maintaining their own community with what they see as their own distinctive culture. The Civil Rights Bill has not led to integration and assimilation. 

Fifty years after the passage of the Bill we have a black President who is in the third year of his second term. Still racial tensions and separation continue. And talk, a whole lot of it. Too much in my opinion, as I suggest in the last of the blog posts below.

But, if there is going to be talk, it needs to be a conversation. A conversation in which everyone gets to speak his mind.

Out of 290 Blog posts I have written there are 10 that touch on matters of race, culture, society, and the church. I have listed them in chronological order. 

But, I suggest, if you read any of them that you begin with "Realism, Race, and RUM in Mississippi" "Black, Tan, and Mad All Over" and "Race and Church Politicians" in order to gain some historical perspective. Some of us believed in and practiced racial equality and integration when there was a price to be paid. My family suffered in Hattiesburg, MS, because of my racial views and practice. Yet in today's context I can be accused of "not understanding", of being a "culturalist", and perhaps even of being a racist.

What am I against? Racial discrimination. Segregation. What am I for? Western civilization. Integration.

If you feel we need to talk about race and you are interested in conversation, I offer the below list of blogs.

Diversity Training - Thoughts on and questions about the meaning and practice of diversity

Realism, Race, and RUM in Mississippi - History and reflections on race, the churches, and RUM during my time as a Campus Minister in Hattiesburg, MS, in the 70s and 80s and race in MS today

Black, Tan, and Mad All Over  - Does Doug Wilson Need Sensitivity Training? More history and reflections on race in MS in the 70s and 80s and response to Brian Lorrits criticisms of Doug Wilson's book. I am not a fan of Wilson but try to bring some perspective to reactions to his book.

You May Have Your Culture, May I Have Mine? - Some reflections on Thabiti Anyabwile's comments about "Crazy Confederate Uncles" and some experiences of a Southerner in the North

I Don't Like Paula Deen - Thoughts on Paula Deen's use of the n-word and the consequences that followed

Race and Church Politicians - History of the Reformed Episcopal Church on race, when it was not easy to have and practice views of racial equality, and thoughts about thoughts about church politicians for whom it is easy to be racially sensitive

Bad News This Morning - Thoughts in response to the efforts of some students at Washington and Lee University to diminish Robert E. Lee and his legacy

The End of Integration - Thoughts on Jemar Tisby's call for a "indigenous Reformed movement" with an indigenous theology and theological method

He's Losing His Accent - Another response to Jemar Tisby and his view of the  "the languages" different cultures speak 

Time for Benign Neglect? - Yet another response to Jemar Tisby's report on his experience at the PCA GA and the possibility of talking about race less

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