Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Curmudgeon's Top 10 Blogs of 2014

Bill's Top Ten List

The Blog I write is a very modest one with necessarily modest standards of success. My own stardard is that, if put a piece on my Blog site and it gets 100 looks (looks are not reads), then it was worth my while to write and publish it. If a piece gets 200 looks, I am quite happy. Anything above 200 is great.

In the year 2014 by my count, I posted 77 Blogs. Now since the big boys are putting out Top 10 Lists at year's end, I thought I might as well. Here are my top ten determined by the number of "looks" in ascending order with brief notes about their content and in parentheses the dates of publication and the number of looks. 

10. Doubling Down in Mississippi. The Thad Cochran-Chris McDaniel Mississippi senate primary and its aftermath. (9/6/14 - 628) 

9. Bad News This Morning. The controversy at Washington and Lee Univeristy about the legacy of Robert E. Lee. (4/17/14 - 630)

8. Nomianism: A Pastoral Problem. Considering pastoral cases and how certain emphases upon the Law can lead to despair. (2/21/14 - 681)

7. Six Things You Need to Know about the Grace Boys and Obedience Boys. Occasioned by the separation between Tullian Tchividgian and the Gospel Coalation, reflections on the divide between those who emphasize grace and those who emphasize obedience in living the Christian life. (5/29/14 - 735)

6. She's Not the Love of My Life. A curmudgeonly look at the newspeak about marriage and marriage partners - "love of my life" and "best friend" and "date nights." 6/27/14 - 869)

5. I Don't Have a Dog in This Fight. Though I am no longer in the PCA, I was there at its founding and know that "The Address to All the Churches" cannot be understood as literally describing the people or positions of the church at its founding.(5/14/14 - 1069)

4. The Nicest Man I Ever Knew. Reflections on the life of my friend Roland Byrd, Christian, husband, father, ruling elder, businessman. (2/14/14 - 1992)

3. Israel Is Not Israel. Arguing that the modern state of Israel is no more and no less than any other nation among the nations of the world, because modern Israel and Old Testament Israel are not synonymous. 7/30/14 - 2105)

2. Thabiti Anyabwile Is Wrong. Looking at Thabiti Anyabwile's exegesis of Psalm 11 and the similarties of his views with the social gospel. (12/17/14 - 2873)

1. They Won't Tell You This in Church. On the suicide of Robin Williams, and the depression, suicide attempts, and end-of-life despair of poet and Christian hymnwriter Willam Cowper. (8/12/14 - 4258)

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